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Ruled out moving to the European Commission, known as the Council of Europe that mobile phones and wireless Internet connections pose a risk to human health, and should be banned in later schools. The Committee concluded to take immediate and necessary to protect children from potential hazards, and the release of that report as a call to arms. The decision comes after mounting evidence has linked mobile phones, in addition to electromagnetic fields, for a number of diseases, health conditions. With such a strong group calls for a ban on electronics, harmful, it is very likely that it will not only become law in the European Union, but in all parts of the world as well.In the Commission's report, and comparisons between mobile phones and the previous items,
believed to be safe for the community and the mainstream media. 
Report warns of repeating mistakes made because of the slow recognition of the medical to toxic substances such as tobacco smoking, asbestos, lead in gasoline. Studies, together with the support of many experts, have generated evidence that mobile phones may be asbestos in the future - the sleeping giant toxic health. Beyond mobile phones, report also highlighted the risk of common household electronic devices such as cordless phones and baby monitors. Both pieces of technology based on similar technology, and became popular among citizens of the European Union and beyond. The report also discusses many of the studies conducted on the health effects of these technologies.In addition, a study conducted by the multinational World Health Organization that heavy mobile phone usage greatly increases the risk of brain tumors and salivary gland. The research included an expansive 12,800 people in 13 countries between 2000 and 2004.Has accepted all of the results in scientific journals and mainstream as he was saying exactly the risks associated with the risk of cell phone. This study, however, is only one of the many studies linking the use of the mobile phone of tumors. Research led by Dr. Siegal Sadetzki, an epidemiologist at the Institute of Gertner, Chaim Sheba Medical Center, Israel, and found that those who use a cell phone to have a significantly greater risk by 50% for the development of parotid tumor. The government study found similar responses in the abnormal brain activity with brain cells increased only after 50 minutes exposure to cell phone radiation.They discuss the fact is not known from the effects of the increase in brain activity, which may lead to long-term consequences when it comes to using a cell phone.While there may be controversy about the effects studied using cell phone, one thing is certain: long-term effects of mobile phones is frightening to say the least. It may take ten years or more, but heavy use of mobile phones could spark a wave of cancer and tumors among the citizens of the world. May be associated with this epidemic with a stinging regret that the world did not heed the warnings of many experts, all studies shed light on the risks of using a cell phone. 

Mobile phones needed to receive messages

If you're tired of all half-truths, propaganda and misinformation comprehensive throw from the White House, at least during the past twelve years, you can always turn off the TV. Turn off the radio.Or just like anyone else, and stop reading newspapers. But the U.S. government decided it should reach you with one way to official propaganda or another, and so far is to delegate all mobile phones sold in the United States automatically receive and display the "Letters of terrorism" from the White House.The Company has signed Verizon and AT & T already to this scheme, starting in 2012, and will be required of all mobile phones to this capability. This "feature" will continue as long as the federal government in the United States continues to exist. Can you imagine what Bush has done with this technology?The idea that the White House is the best source of emergency information incredibly arrogant to begin with. If anything, the last few presidents we have seen that the White House may be the worst source of information you can find maybe. It is less likely that the dish of information based on the facts because it always has a political agenda of one side. I think that the White House is a reliable source of information on everything to exist in a fairy land where he put the facts do not matter at all.Are assigned to alertsInterestingly, you can not turn off alerts the White House, and that means you will be forced to read all this disinfo being passed off as some kind of alarm. Watch out! Bin Laden in the freezer! Do not wait, it's stealing your light bulbs! Or, as former President George Bush's fond of saying, "Today is the color of terrorism ORANGE!"Prepare for a propaganda campaign, fabricated entirely socially engineered to be a "push" of the population through their mobile phones. This is George Orwell's Ministry of doubt of the truth in a fully operational, and the right to reach out to people. If you're going to control the herd, and after all, have the means to pay your disinfo in their heads, and the payment of mobile phone technology about as good as it gets.The FCC also says the system can pay Amber alerts and any other information the government wants to put in front of your face. Even on the day that the dollar crashing, and you will all you have to send a message, "Everything is fine, and the banks are just a short holiday.'s Not worried."Or suppose the next time a nuclear power plant goes Chernobyl in the United States of America, and the implications of a radioactive threat to America, in the White House can send an alert to say: "No longer, and there is nothing to be worried we have it all under control."Someone needs to write a compiler warning the White House to take the official alerts and translate them into reality. "Not worried" that would translate into "The nation is on the verge of panic," for example. "Money is safe" means "your money is about to disappear." And "under our control" means "it is absolutely out of control."So the alert that reads: "I do not feel worried. Your money is safe, and we have under control." Actually means your money is about to become worthless and the nation will collapse in a state of panic that comes out completely out of control.What we need really is to get alternative newsWhat America needs is a truly mobile for the implementation of the alarm system of alternative media
We push messages such as: "Do you know why breast cancer?" Or, "There is a cancer-causing toxins in the hot dogs and bacon." One party every day, you see, on the basis of solid facts that people need to know really. "Did you read the warning label on this vaccine?"But of course, the FCC never allow for true broadcast messages through the system on alert. It exists only for propaganda purposes, and not factual information that may be useful to people.Speaking for the payment information, NaturalNews working on iPhone app that will alert users, but of course you'll want to alerts (and install the application) in order to get it. White House, on the other hand, will be paid to all alerts, even if they did not sign up for them. And you can not turn them off, either. It is a system enforced in the same way they used to force the federal government on everything else: FDA raids on vitamin companies, and the arrests, DEA-licensed medical marijuana growers, and threats to the FTC herbal products companies, and so on.They want to make sure to get the best timing right on these alerts.If you were sent an alert to say: "There has been a dirty bomb terrorist attack in New York," but they sent by mistake before the attack happens, it will do some people in the math and see what up.You can bet on the White House will not send any alerts that you really need to know. "The U.S. national debt reached $ 16 trillion, economic and your future is now in doubt." Do not hold your breath waiting to appear in the alert to your mobile phone any time soon."We have been reducing the value of the U.S. dollar again today and the quantitative easing of the Fed, which keeps the trillions of dollars in printing the new currency, which weakens the value of the currency." Again, do not sit waiting for that message to appear, either."The companies, chemical and pharmaceutical products and farms have contaminated, streams, rivers and oceans, making the future of life in North America is questionable." Hmmm ... Probably will not see that message, either. What you're likely to get instead is a continuous drone, "alerts the herd" that keep people living in fear and not knowing what to do:Red alert! The terrorists now say they will attack the trains using bombs and playgrounds CRACK butt. To protect you, we install the TSA checkpoints at all training centers and sports stadiums.Please open your butt crack for inspection. We thank you for your cooperation.What will come next: the White House takes on the Internet DNS to force people to display messages on the InternetTo take this a step further, can force Internet service providers in the White House to remap the DNS requests so that all Web browsers automatically point to the location of the White House, regardless of the Web address in which you write.Find sports scores? You will be redirected to a page White House alert. Verification of portfolio securities of your online drowned?You will get the White House on the page. Find how to grow marijuana in your medical using hydroponics? You will get the White House on the page again.It can perform this kind of technology at the present time, by the way. It's more than just the Internet, "kill switch," as "the key forward." Internet and already may be in a place without even know about it.The only way to circumvent this tactic and have direct access to the Web server that you want to know the IP address of the server. For example, NaturalNews.com can be reached at the following address: If you keep this address handy (bookmark or whatever), then can the White House did not request forwarding your web site through DNS. This is why it's a good idea to know the IP addresses of all the major sites will need to get access to good information in an attempt to "total information blackout" by the U.S. government.Remember: The Internet is the last place on earth where you can get the correct information about what actually happens. This is exactly the reason will be targeted to stop during the next big crisis to hit America.